From Raymundo Talavera, KKUP Radio, Cupertino, California
"Rolando, I want to let you know KKUP Radio received your CD. Usually I just send an e-mail thanking the sender (artist or promoter). But I enjoyed your music so much that I hope other readers of FB will see this post and consider buying one of your CD's. Much thanks for sending it to KKUP Radio. It will surely go into our library for air play."

by Rudy Mangual
"This new release finds the veteran bandleader at the top of his game, in the company of top caliber players."

LISTEN: Rolando Sanchez, Vamonos de Fiesta
By Michael Keany, Honolulu Magazine
"Rolando Sanchez...wants you to move. This new collection of upbeat songs aims to kickstart any dance party. Sanchez is originally from Nicaragua, but his music takes something of a pan-Latin approach. Each song is labeled with its own quirkily titled genre: “tropisalsa,” “bachasalsa,” “Cariberengue.” The whole set swings, though—the horn section, especially, is consistently killer. A natural buy for any fan of salsa, or dancing in general."
By John Berger for the Star Advertiser, October 2010
"This eight-song calling card finds him on top of his game, presenting Latin music in English and Spanish. It seems no matter who is behind him, Sanchez is still 'El Rey.' "

Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii is exhilarating… stimulating… energizing… intensifying!!Hawaii Latino
By Angela Posillico, ‘LA’Ritmo
"If you read my end of the year article, then you will know that I have personally chosen Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii as best new artist. 'And they truly are.'
This is one blend of music that I cannot stop listening to. Their unique blend of salsa with Hawaiian culture sends you off on an island adventure without leaving the comfort of your home.

Their rendition of All Day Music (originally performed by War) is one of the many highlights from this CD collection. I am usually not at a lost for words, but for the first time in my life, all I can say is unbelievable!!! The only way to appreciate what I am talking about is to listen for yourself. Then you will understand what I mean!

This latest CD has been getting intense media attention worldwide. Reviews have been published in many outlets including the World Wide Web, Latin music magazine, trade publications and newspapers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America. With international airplay in many different cities around the world and the US, this group has gained worldwide recognition for their music and for being the ambassadors of Latin music from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii.

Rolando will be back in the studio early this year to start working on a new project that will feature guest artists and all new and original material with one or two of his favorite cover songs to be added. Keep your ears and eyes on this group - they share their fresh new Latin style music from Hawaii with the rest of the world!!!

"Hawaii Latino" by Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii
By Wayne Harada, Advertiser Entertainment Editor, Honolulu Advertiser
"This latest CD by Sanchez and his hot troupe makes it clear why they’re the leading exponents of Latin sounds in the Islands – and the disc has been getting Mainland play, too…Originally from Nicaragua, Sanchez has been sharing his love for Latin music in Hawaii for a solid decade, paying his dues right and left. A singer, Sanchez is also a melodic blur on congas, timbales and other percussion instruments. Cynthia Romero is the primary vocal soloist on this outing, a hot tamale of a belter who joins Sanchez in a seductive Solo Tu (Only You) and an equally fiery Tu Sonrisa (Your Smile), the latter with Romero singing English to his Spanish. The music is contagious, toe-tapping, heart-thumping stuff – spirited and moving, with a fervor for romance and life – and right in keeping with the current national craze for la vida loca.
Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii , 'Hawaii Latino' 
A Latin music institution in the island of Hawaii. Yes I said Hawaii. What you expect, Latin music is heard all over the world and Hawaii should be no exception. Sanchez and band incorporate a wide range of rhythms in this recording that are tailored to any party. It has a little bit of everything, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha, ballads. Talented musicians, good arrangements along with the vocals of Sanchez and Cynthia Romero, Salsa Hawaii will warm up any party.
Best Tracks: SueƱo Paraiso, Todo Todo Todo, Tu Sonrisa MGC Records(MGC 1027)"

IMPACTO Magazine (April 1999; Denver, Colorado)

By Antonio Garcia
"Its obvious that Latin music is no longer confined to just the Caribbean or New York, but if someone had told me that salsa lives in Hawaii, I wouldn’t have believed it. Well here it is. This CD has 10 songs and is proof that salsa and Latin jazz live in the islands of Hawaii. Rolando Sanchez is one of the people who have kept salsa and Latin jazz in the forefront of Hawaii. Great to hear that our sister islands from the Pacific have contributed to the Latin world music market. Continued success, we look forward to hearing more from you!"

LATIN BEAT Magazine (March 1999; Los Angeles, California)
New blood to most of us, Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii Band have been around the Hawaiian islands for over ten years, playing and performing at nightclubs, conventions, concerts, private engagements, community events, and fund-raisers. Led by percussionist Rolando Sanchez, a native of Nicaragua, Central America, the Salsa Hawaii Band delivers a wide spectrum of high energy Latin dance music. From the hot and sexy salsa, to the exotic and risque merengue, the band cooks when they play the more classic Latin rhythms of the chachacha, cumbias, boleros, Latin jazz, and Afro-cuban music…Featuring the vocals of Cynthia Romero, the band stretches to more contemporary regions like those of Latin pop, Latin rock, and dance music…Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii have just released their 6th [recording, a] CD production titled Hawaii Latino on the MGC Records label…"

LATIN STYLE Magazine – Los Angeles, Venice, San Francisco, San Diego, California; Texas; New York; Phoenix, Arizona (April 1999)

By El Sabor de Nuestra Musica CDs Views & Reviews
"Latin music is a favorite of people the world over, and the beautiful islands and the people of Hawaii are no exception. The sixth album by band leader Rolando Sanchez, Hawaii Latino is a perfect example of the multi-cultural appeal de Nuestra Musica…In this CD, Salsa Hawaii display their abilities on original work, as well as on megahits…Latin music has a lot of thanks to give to people like Rolando who are the ambassadors of our music, the world over."

Latin Style In Hawaii: Latin Style on the shores of Hawaii -- (April 1998)
"The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot out here. Get ready to check out the 10th Annual Hawaii International Latin Music Festival ‘Bridging the World’ during Labor Day weekend…A concept of uniting Latin music from New York, Japan, and Hawaii to the world. The goal has been for the last ten years to share the best of Latin music performed by the finest entertainers of various styles."
GUSTO Magazine – Honolulu, Hawaii (June 1998) 
Gustomusic – Hot Salsa
"If Latin music in the islands could be associated with one person only, it would be Rolando Sanchez. A bundle of unrestrained energy, he leads his band Salsa Hawaii playing timbales, congas, percussions, and taking lead vocals. If your exposure to Salsa music is only through movies or CDs then take time to go out and see this band live. Even if you think you can’t dance, I guarantee that this music will have you on your feet within ten minutes. For the past nine years this energetic band has been at the top of Latin dance music.

The band plays a wide variety of all the styles of Latin music including Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha cha, Latin jazz, Latin rock, contemporary Latin pop dance music, Afro-cuban, and Cumbias. If the list is exhausting then watching them perform is invigorating. The constant movement of this music encourages the audience to participate, and for those who have never danced this way before, Rolando Sanchez and the band provide an hour of dance lessons before the music starts. It is the sexiest dance music in the world, and for anyone who has a burning desire to dance this way I would encourage you to get on down to Acqua Lounge and take part…Great exercise, great fun, and a great way to meet new people. Rolando Sanchez is this month celebrating the release of his new CD Ten Years of Salsa. If you’ve never experienced the rhythm of Salsa music or the energy of this incredible band, a whole new world awaits you …cha cha cha."
HONOLULU WEEKLY – Honolulu, Hawaii (September 11, 1996)
 Frontal lambada me
"In case you hadn’t noticed, the local Latin music scene has become, um…muy grande, and now features practitioners of virtually every style in the genre. This week the 8th Annual Latin-American Music Festival of Hawaii will showcase all of them. Headlining the local acts will be Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii."

Caliente! -- (September 10, 1997)
"The Aloha Fest may be here, but we are saving our love for the Latin-American Music Festival of Hawaii (the ninth if you’re counting). As always, the emphasis is on dance music, so be prepared to move your moola maker. Track us down and we’ll save a lambada for you."
(December 17, 1997)
"Turn up the heat and crank up the beat…dance all night to the sizzling sound of Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii featuring Cynthia Romero"
New Year’s A Go-go -- (December 25, 1996)
"Believe it or not, there is more to New Year’s Eve than getting loaded and firing penny-rockets at your neighbors. Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii, local Latino legends, have been doing their thing for over a decade now and it shows in all the good ways: they are tight that is!"

OASIS SALSERO – World Wide Web (March 1999)
By: JR
"A Latin music institution in the island of Hawaii. Yes I said Hawaii. What [do] you expect, Latin music is heard all over the world and Hawaii should be no exception. Sanchez and band incorporate a wide range of rhythms in this recording that are tailored to any party. It has a little bit of everything, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha, ballads. Talented musicians good arrangements along with the vocals of Sanchez and Cynthia Romero, Salsa Hawaii will warm up any party."
ANGULOS Newspaper – Honolulu, Hawaii (August 1996)

By Luis Ortiz
"Latin music is alive in Hawaii…For the last ten years Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii have been bringing us the best of live Latin music in Hawaii…and aren’t we lucky. His music is contagious if you have been to one of his performances you will know how hard it is to stay off the dance floor…If you’re into hot dancing or into listening to hot music you are in the right place when you go and see the band. They are the hottest Latin Music Act to hit the Music scene here in Hawaii…this very talented and tight group of professional musicians have made Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii our musical group to see, watch, and hear. So go see him because 'Latin Music is Alive in Hawaii.' "

HAWAII HISPANIC NEWS – Honolulu, Hawaii (December 1996)
By: Jose Villa – News From El Barrio
"Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii Sweep Hawaii Music Awards Latin Categories:
…in an area where musicians are evaluated by others in the field – the music professionals acknowledged that Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii was the best Latin group in the competition. Salsa Hawaii won every, repeat, every category they competed in.
They were awarded:
  • Best Music Video Award

  • Best Recording by a Latin Artist

  • Best Live Video Latin Performance

  • Latin Vocalist of the Year
…They were recognized as the best by their peers. That speaks to the quality of music they play, but it also acknowledges their professionalism and unwillingness to compromise their high standards."

HONOLULU Magazine – Honolulu, Hawaii (September 1998)
 – Hot Salsa Nights
By Debra Toy Bressem
"Musician Rolando Sanchez Wants Hawai’i Residents To Discover A Sexy Musical Sound That’s Been In The Islands For More Than A Decade: It’s 10:30 in the morning and Rolando Sanchez still sounds sleepy. That’s understandable since Sanchez is often up into the wee hours playing with his band Salsa Hawaii. Over the past ten years the band has made the rounds of various Hawaii venues including its current gig at Acqua Lounge. Sanchez is promoter, manager, bandleader, and whatever else it takes to keep the band afloat in Hawaii’s unpredictable economy…’I have been playing Latin Music in Hawaii for more than 13 years. I wanted to expose Hawaii to Latin Music in a different way’…Salsa Hawaii just released its new CD, Ten Years of Salsa, and is already hard at work on another. As for his future, Sanchez says, ‘It’s hard to premeditate anything in Hawaii. I want to keep recording, keep making good records and putting on good performances. Ideally, I’d like to cross over to different markets and bring Latin Music to other segments of the population’…Come check it out and discover this great music…The music is seductive and the dance floor is always packed."

WAIKIKI NEWS – Honolulu, Hawaii (March 1998)
By: Alvin Koo – Night Out
"I learned a few years ago, in one of those self-defining moments, a flash of insight, that I didn’t like to dance. I never have liked it. I only did it to meet women. And I do it occasionally now to keep them happy. Because women, it is amazing, do really like to dance. I saw a great example at Acqua in the Hawaiian Regent Hotel, Waikiki’s main Latin headquarters. The women come in pairs or groups and hook up with the unlikliest partners, young dancing with the old, short with tall, plain with beautiful. It’s not like the cattle call in the discos; there is exuberance and excitement as dancers head for the floor in front of Rolando Sanchez who is kind of the Latin King in Waikiki. He has played probably every major hotel and club in Honolulu. Nowadays, he says, he does not focus only on Salsa music. Merengue is the thing. Rolando is from Nicaragua but his Latin songstress is from Manila, Cynthia Romero. A small beautiful package with a deep strong voice. If you like strong rhythms, drop on by. Rolando plays the timbales, a kind of snare drum set. His seven piece band includes two horn players, conga, bass, and piano. Sometimes the celebrities drop in. The trumpet player with Gloria Estefan played a few sets while on vacation in February. There’s a bunch of regulars so it’s easy to make friends."

Quarter Notes – (August 1995)
"Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii…Adding hot tropical sounds to the Hawaiian Islands."

KISS FM – Guatemala (February 1999)
By: Anna Evelyn
"They are great!!…Thanks for the great music!"
KMVI Radio – Maui, Hawaii (March 1999)
By: Carlos David Hernandez
"Beautiful album cover…great HOT, HOT, HOT music!…This is the best CD by Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii…everyone should get one…The singing, the rhythms, the arrangements estan muy caliente!"

By: Laban Johnson
"…Your musical concepts are neat and I can feel the mix…"

SEI CORP (February 1999)
By: Lisa Lew
"Musicianship is very good"

RADIO MIA – Miami, Florida (February 1999)
By: Carlos A. Gil
"…they are great and we are playing them."
KPFA-FM – Berkeley, California (March 1999)
By: Sandy Miranda
"Yes, I liked it and will play it on my show!!"
(May 1999)
"Your CD is the most exciting latin sound coming out of those most lovely of islands floating out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…)"
MEDIASAT GROUP – Spain (March 1999)
By: Pedro Casado
"Thank you very much for letting us enjoy your music. For us it has been a tremendous discovery and it seems like a very exquisite work of great quality. In reality, your CD is to enjoy from beginning to end including the incredible cover!!"