Rolando Sanchez in MIDWEEK!

Old Friends--Rolando Sanchez, by Jaime Kim
(From Midweek, November 25, 2015)

Rolando Sanchez comes from a family chock full of musicians. His father was a pianist and singer-songwriter. His mother and aunt also played music and sang. Then there's the uncle who played percussion in various bands, and who knows how many others.

Music is in his blood, you might say.

So at a very young age, when Sanchez recalls getting ahold of his mother's wooden spoons so he could hit pots and pans, he realized something: "It was a natural thing for me to do--bang on things," he says, laughing.

His drum of choice is the timbales, a percussion instrument he puts on full display with his latest album, Suenan Mis Timbales.

Released earlier this year, the 10-track album initially was to be only a single. Also titled Suenan Mis Timbales (a phrase that translates to "sound of timbales" or "listen to my timbales"), Sanchez chose to include nine other songs from his albums dating as far back as 1989. The result is a compilation of sorts, in addition to the single, which Sanchez says is doing well throughout the world in places as varied as the U.S., Mexico, Japan, India, France and many others.

"When you release something from Hawaii, especially when it's something different, and it's getting accepted worldwide, that is beautiful," he says.

Since all but one song previously had been recorded, Sanchez says Suenan Mis Timbales came together rather quickly. The album marks Sanchez's 11th in a career of more than two decades--and if Sanchez has his way, it won't be his last.

"I just want to keep recording, keep writing songs," he says, adding that he hopes to enter Suenan Mis Timbales for Na Hoku Hanahano Award consideration.

When it comes to music, there seems to be no part of it Sanchez doesn't like.

"The physical, the mental, the fans, the musicians with the band--just everything," he says.

He's lived in Hawaii now since 1984, having moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area, though his decision to relocate here came much earlier than that. In 1979, while on tour in Japan, Sanchez stopped here for one day.

It was enough to convince him to return.

"I realized that this place reminded me of my country, completely--I'm from Nicaragua," he says. "When the time came for me to make a decision to relocate, Hawaii was the best choice."

It's a similar landscape, he explains. Hawaii and Nicaragua are both home to volcanoes, mountains, beaches and surf, for example.

"I love it," says Sanchez.

Up next, Sanchez is in the process of recording a brand-new single, though he's coy in the details. Even the title of it was a secret until now. Expect Aloha Mambo to be released sometime in January or February 2016.

"It is going to take Hawaii by storm, and hopefully internationally," says Sanchez.

Suenan Mis Timbales is available online only. For more information, to purchase the album and to keep up with Sanchez, visit

--Jaimie Kim

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Japan is on it!
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"Fresh Latin music landed from Hawaii. Spicy horns and percussion sounds, perfect for resort vacation in party events. Good for: walk-out & gym, drive, party, vacation. Artists like: Santana. Latest Release / Recommended Movies: Suenan Mis Timbales. Official website: http: //"

New Song on the Way!

New Song is DONE!!! 
Look out it's a HOT ONE! 
More details as we progress on the project! 

Thank you everyone involved: Jules Kam-Vocals, Alika Lyman-Bass, Danny Del Negro-Piano, Stanton Haugen-Trumpets and yours truly on Timbales-Congas-Bongos-all hand percussions and Vocals...Dave Tucciarone-Production Engineer, Tammy Yee-CD CoverArtwork, Wanda Sanchez-RSC Music Productions! New Zalsa Music-ASCAP! 

 In the recording studio with Dave Tucciarone, mixing my new song... 

Reconnecting with Friends

Reconnecting after all these years...President Obamaʻs sister, Maya Soetoro Ng, enjoying my music!


Happy to share good news...

"Sueno Paraiso" Salsa Hawaii

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"Red Bull Air Force skydivers, high-powered searchlights, a state-of-the-art sound system and five hours of old-style Waikiki hospitality made it one of 2015’s biggest events in local entertainment as Darren Seu, Kainoa Akina, Alika May and Jovan Andow co-hosted the invitation-required preview party for SKY Waikiki on Friday.

SKY Waikiki, on the 19th floor of the Waikiki Business Plaza at 2270 Kalakaua Ave., has 7,000 square feet of space divided into a nightclub, open-air lounge, enclosed private room, multiple full-service bars, and views of Waikiki and central Honolulu.

Guest Randy Schoch, a veteran of Honolulu’s restaurant and entertainment industries for more than 30 years, said he was “excited to see the clubs coming back, people dressing up, coming out and having a great time, and making us the great cosmopolitan city we once were.”

Celebrity DJ Brody Jenner arrived before sunset to do a television interview with Renee Bargh on the SKY Deck. Three other celebrities — Mikalah Gordon, Stevie Brock and Jimmy McGorman — were joined by Rolando Sanchez in providing music before the sun went down.

Several visiting celebrities made “red carpet” arrivals: Television actress and 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Month Kelly Monaco; two-time “Dancing With the Stars” winner Cheryl Burke; actress and recording artist Victoria Justice escorted by actor/model Pierson Fode; and, shortly after 9 p.m., NFL great Terrell Owens.

Hawaii’s business and entertainment industries were also well represented. Bank of Hawaii CEO Peter Ho and Elliot Mills, managing director of Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa, rubbed elbows with event promoters Rick Rock, Kyle Mitsumori, Peter Aaron Maharaj, Partymaster Justin Yoshino and Vertical Junkies founder Ross Inouye."

~by John Berger Honolulu Star Advertiser Entertainment.


Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii

Discover Salsa
- with ARC Music

A brilliant collection of salsa music. One hour and 11 minutes of infectious and rousing rhythms to swing your hips to! A great variety of styles. Information about each of the pieces in the booklet. Enjoy!

  • Víctor Hugo - Havanera (Víctor Hugo) - 4:25
  • Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii - Todo todo todo (Joarsaci) - 4:22
  • Mandingo y su Son - Reflexiona (Jairo Zuleta/F.R. Mandingo) - 5:35
  • Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii - Que bonito (Rosario Gonzales) - 4:54
  • Víctor Hugo - La nena (Víctor Hugo) - 4:05
  • Tumbao - Tuvíste razón (Achim P. Schneider/Gastón de Avila) - 4:17
  • Víctor Hugo - Tarde no es (Víctor Hugo/Armin Keil) - 3:42
  • Mandingo y su Son - Swing la moderna (Ray Barretto) - 4:20
  • Víctor Hugo - Todo se lo debo (Víctor Hugo/Armin Keil) - 3:36
  • Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii - Yo soy la bomba (Guillermo Torres) - 4:35
  • Víctor Hugo - Sí o no (Víctor Hugo/Armin Keil) - 4:03
  • Mandingo y su Son - Coco seco (Reyes) - 5:00
  • Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii - Sigue regando (Orq. Unidad) - 2:58
  • Víctor Hugo - Latinoamérica - Canto y lloro (Víctor Hugo/Armin Keil) - 4:24
  • Mandingo y su Son - Vaci Rock (F.R. Mandingo/Jaire Zuleta) - 5:07
  • Víctor Hugo - Estemos juntos (Víctor Hugo) - 4:54



By Mr. César Figueroa-Organizacion Musical!

Publicidad y Mercadeo en Talento Vivo Shows. (Publicity and Marketing Talent and Live Shows)

Thank you for your kind and appreciated detail, allowing us to listen to your music and fill us with the joy to learn that once again we have an ambassador of our Afro-Caribbean Musical roots growing our artistic culture beyond our borders. God give you good health and wisdom to prevail with the strength and motivation to keep you harvesting success, planting the bastion of our Latin American Musical Culture in other parts of the world.

Music Review from Venezuela!

César Figueroa Publicidad y Mercadeo en Talento Vivo Shows. 

Muchísimas gracias por tu amable y apreciado detalle, permitiéndome escuchar tu música y llenarme de regocijo al saber que una vez mas, tenemos a un embajador de nuestras raíces afro-caribeñas cultivando nuestra cultura artística fuera de nuestras fronteras. Dios te dé mucha salud y sabiduría, para que prevalezca en ti la fuerza y la motivación, para que sigas cosechando éxitos, plantando el bastión de nuestra Raza Latina en otras latitudes del mundo. PD: Te invito muy cordialmente a visitar mí página web:



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Rolando Sanchez and his latest release, "Suenan Mis Timbales" featured 8,228 miles away in Panama! 

Preparado por Christopher García

Rolando Sanchez - Suenan mis timbales
Cuando inicié esta página nunca se me pasó por la mente que en algún momento les estaría comentando sobre música salsa hecha a 8,228 kilómetros de distancia de Panamá en medio del Océano Pacífico, sin embargo estoy a punto de hacerlo, lo que es realmente sorprendente al ser un indicador más del alcance de la salsa alrededor del mundo...

Rolando nos informó que el grupo se encuentra preparando un nuevo sencillo que llevará el título de “Aloha Mambo” y quiso enviarle el siguiente saludo a los salseros que nos leen: “Un gran saludo de parte de este Nicaragüense en el paraíso de Hawaii. Espero con todo corazón que mi música sea de su agrado pues es algo muy importante para mí de saber que mi gente en Centro América está gozando con ella y que siga la rumba mundialmente para todos nosotros!”