ARTIST: Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii! 

Smash hit song "ALOHA MAMBO" cassette single by Hawaiian Salsa heavyweight. "ALOHA MAMBO", "DESCARGA HONOLULU", with download card (1 bonus track), all 3 songs, limited cassette single. 

Latin rock, a smash hit song "ALOHA MAMBO" cassette single by a heavyweight from the Hawaiian salsa world. One of the danceable songs "ALOHA MAMBO", which became a hot topic in Japan's JAZZ media when it was released, DJ friendly Latin Break Beats "DESCARGA HONOLULU" that directs Honolulu's nightlife, all with download cards (one bonus track, 320K MP3) 3 songs, cassette single finally released! 

See below for other artist information. Https://Bit.Ly/2n1lqSC 
Label: Island Roots On Wax 
Price: ¥ 1,250 (+ TAX)